• ARE you the go to person for everyone but feel alone in your own pain?
  • ARE you spending your days giving everything you have to those around you, but then feeling guilty giving even a little to yourself?
  • ARE you feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled even though you do everything "right"?
  • ARE  you ready to break free from this cycle?


Become UNTAMED and discover your Authentic Self. 

Here at the Untamed Women's Course we value honest and deep communication.


  • Commit to healing the wounds of our past.
  • Desire a future built on our truth.  
  • Dismantle stereotypes and cultural conditioning.
  • Listen to our inner voices

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"The Untamed group has been a definite game changer for me. It is one of the highlights of my week. Saudia has helped cultivate an amazing group of women who are striving to live our most authentic and joyful lives yet. The discussions in the group has quickly become a significant tool in my personal development. "
-Nikki, 40s
"I am so grateful to be apart of the Untamed Book Reading Group especially with these ladies they’re so inspirational and amazing! I love our Wednesday Zoom Call it’s so insightful and encouragingšŸ˜"


-Suswanna, 40s


"I am extremely grateful for Saudia's Untamed group. I have been able to go on this path of reviving my natural spirit of freedom-my birthright to be untamed and free. I joined the group to get back to the fearlessness that I know lives in me but has been buried over the years. The conversations and sessions are uplifting and non judgemental. The assigned readings, quotes and discussion provide a way for me to dig deep and to uncover the thinking that has been holding me back. The experience has been a game changer. "
-Farrah, 40s


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So... what's this course all about?

In 6 weeks you will:

  • Understand what your emotional patterns are and how they developed 
  • Identify what beliefs have been holding you back
  • Learn how to understand and express your feelings without guilt
  • Reduce stress and improve self care and self worth 

These 6 weeks allow to step into your power and live unapologetically and authentically as your highest self.

Who is this group for?

Any women that is ready to UNCOVER, HEAL, and REDEFINE their lives.

I am intentional about placing people in the right cohort that will maximize the  experience and impact.  Therefore, not everyone will be selected for every round of the live course.  After screening you will be notified if you have been selected.  If you have not, I will place you on a waitlist until the right cohort is identified for you.


"A women who is empowered is a woman who can change the world.”

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Hey SIS, so glad you landed here! I am not sure what lead you to this place but Welcome.  I am Saudia, a therapist (of 11 years), coach, wife, mother, business owner and champion of women.  I know firsthand how hard it can be living in a world that profits off of making us feel like we are not enough. Or constantly giving to everyone around you and having nothing left for yourself.  I also know firsthand how amazing it feels to break free from limiting beliefs and cultural conformity and live a life defined by you and fueled by you. I would be honored if you would join my group of women doing the hards things to live an UNTAMED and FREE life.  I hope to see you in group!


The next live Untamed Course will start October 14th 2021. If you are interested in joining one of the 6 week cycles please sign up for a 15 minute screening call with me.  Can't wait to connect!



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